The story says that…

Antoni Gaudi, an exceptional Catalan architect born in 1852 and passed away in 1926, made a signification contribution to the development of architecture and construction techniques. Seven of his works are listed as “World Heritage Sites” by UNESCO.

In 1892, as the story is told, after a stay in Tangier and Tetouan, Gaudi designed the plans for a complex, the Catholic Franciscan Missions, comprising a church, schools and a convent. The project would have been erected in the former Spanish district, where Our Lady of the Assumption is located.

The drawings and plans of this project, interpreted by the Japanese architect and writer Tokutoshi Torii, an expert in Gaudí’s work, show that the various architectural innovations planned for these catholic missions, were subsequently used to complete the internationally renowned major work the Sagrada Familia.


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